Thunder Phobia in Dogs

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Summer is on its way, and the inevitable thunderstorms that come with it so, we did some research as to why pets (especially dogs) get Thunder Phobia (Astraphobia).

As we have a few dogs in our family circle with this phobia, we wanted to help others in any way we could. According to multiple sources, Thunder Phobia is more common than most people realize and should not be ignored. Symptoms include whining, panting, pacing, and in extreme circumstances, physical damage to either property or your dog itself. The most popular suspicion is that since dogs are extremely sensitive to weather, barometric pressure changes, static electricity and low-frequency rumbles.

They experience shocks building up in the surrounding atmosphere before the storm. Dogs with traumatic backgrounds, separation anxiety and fearful behaviours seem more prone to it. If you see your pet attempting to hide in cupboards, near toilets, basins or in corners, the reason for this is that these areas are grounded and therefore free from static in the area.

The best solution for this is to build a “safe-zone”. Watch where your pet usually runs during storms and create a comfortable area with a bed or blanket for example. Run a fan, keep the TV on and close the curtains as these form noise barriers. Also, reward your pet when they are relaxed by patting, stroking and giving small treats.



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