The 10 Smartest dog breeds

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Some on the list are surprising!

10) Rottweiler: These work horses were bred to herd livestock as well as pull carts full of meat and other products to local markets.

9) BloodHound: these dogs were originally bred in the middle ages to hunt game such as deer and wild boars. Famous for being able to detect the human scent days after the person has left.

8) Papillon: This breed is very sociable and trainable. They derive their name from the butterfly look of the hair on their faces.

7) Labrador retriever: The preferred breed of disability assistance dogs. They are used mostly as guide dogs, therapy dogs and to assist those with autism.

6) Shetland Sheepdog: As the name states they are used primarily as herders. They are excitable, energetic and are always willing to please.

5) Doberman Pinscher: Bred as guard dogs and as such have strength, endurance and are very agile.

4) Golden Retriever: Prided for their friendly nature, they were originally bred as retriever dogs for hunted water fowls such as ducks.

3) German Shepherd: These dogs were originally bread to heard sheep. However, because of their trainability and strength they have since been used as police dogs as well as in search and rescue.

2) Poodle: Poodles have proven to be very intelligent and skillful. They are agile as well as excellent trackers.

And the winner is…

1) Border Collie: Bred for intelligence and obedience. These dogs are hard working and are mostly used to herd livestock and sheep.

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