Steps to curb nuisance barking

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Barking dogs are hard on everyone, including the dog. Camille Weber/Lexington Herald-Leader

All dogs bark but, sometimes it can become an annoyance when it starts happening all the time and for no legitimate reason. You may have become used to the noise but, this does not mean that it does not disturb your neighbours who may have small children or long work shifts and are trying to get some sleep. The problem may be worse than you realise as it may continue even when you are not at home. There are steps you can take to lessen the consistent barking.
If your dog tends to run outside and bark all the time, you can accompany your dog to make sure they are not alone to cause mischief.
Dogs tend to bark if they get very excited so, try to keep your dog calm as much as you can. Also, try to avoid playing with them at night as this can cause them to get over-excited and bark because of it.
You may notice that your dog may bark at a particular time every day. This could be when guests arrive, when you are watching T.V or when you are on the phone. To remedy this, try to keep your dog as busy as possible during these times in an attempt to distract them from whatever is causing them to bark.
Exercise is also a great help as dogs who have been tired out will always bark less.
Use these easy tips and your dog should be barking less in no time!!

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