Is your pet friendly but looks fierce? Do you have a dog that is not good with children,adults or other dogs and you want to let others know in advance?

There are many more doggy situations like these that can cause problems but yet, can be helped with a simple idea…

Using a simplistic traffic light colour-coded system, we can stop many of these accidents and incidents from taking place at all. These unique collars, harnesses and leads are brightly coloured, making them visible from a distance to warn others in advance. In addition, they have large embroidered writing so as to avoid any confusion. The items are of extremely high quality and manufactured from the best materials available.

All items are made from high strength polypropylene nylon webbing with embroidered wording for maximum durability. All ‘O’ and ‘D’ rings are welded type for maximum strength. All items are machine washable at 30 °C. All products are Registered, Tested, Trademarked, Copyright, Intellectual Property and Patented to ensure you are stocking a genuine product.

Because our loyal family members can’t speak for themselves, it is our responsibility as pet owners to do whatever we can to keep our pets safe as well as to alert fellow pet owners to your own potentially nervous or skittish pet. With Friendly Dog Collars, you can let others know how your pooch feels around other people or dogs before you have even had a chance to cross paths. This will ensure that you and your pet will enjoy peaceful walks with less chance of accidental nipping, biting, etc!

Friendly Dog Collars started a few years ago as a small family business in the United Kingdom. It was started to address an issue within the dog community in the UK. There was a need to solve the problem of each dog having their own unique personality and traits while at the same time informing other dog owners of this. Thus, Friendly Dog Collars came into being!

The brand quickly became a success and started expanding internationally. The Brand now has offices in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and now South Africa amongst others. Over 500 pet stores around the world now stock the brand with many more to come.

The product has also been very well received by many charities around the world (including South Africa) as they see how much it can help them as well as their four-legged friends.

Since Friendly Dog Collars was founded, we have found a place on the international market and more than 200 000 products now have a place in over 500 stores. Many dog charities across the globe also use the FDC range, especially the “Adopt Me” variety. We were voted for, and recently won the ‘Master Breeders and Associates Canine Product of the Year 2014’. Our first award and hopefully the first of many.