Steps to curb nuisance barking

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All dogs bark but, sometimes it can become an annoyance when it starts happening all the time and for no legitimate reason. You may have become used to the noise but, this does not mean that it does not disturb … Read More

The 10 Smartest dog breeds

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Some on the list are surprising! 10) Rottweiler: These work horses were bred to herd livestock as well as pull carts full of meat and other products to local markets. 9) BloodHound: these dogs were originally bred in the middle … Read More

15 Interesting facts about Dogs

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  Want to know more about your 4-legged friends? Read these interesting facts about dogs we bet you didn’t know! A dog’s shoulder blades are not attached to its skeleton to allow for more flexibility when running. Dogs are known … Read More

Thunder Phobia in Dogs

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Summer is on its way, and the inevitable thunderstorms that come with it so, we did some research as to why pets (especially dogs) get Thunder Phobia (Astraphobia). As we have a few dogs in our family circle with this … Read More